Open DrumCircle

The drum session on every third Saturday of the month

Independently of previous musical knowledge and stylistic specifications you can take new pathes and enter musical playgrounds.  Everyone can be “Leader”, “Player” or “Soloist”.

Rubbernecks, interested, experienced, freestyler, beginners and advanced, seekers and finders are welcome …

Date: On (nearly) every third Saturday of the month (see News)
Time: From 15 to 17 o’clock
Instruments: Various drum and percussion instruments
Level: Everyone is welcome
Place: „groove – Zentrum für Percussion“ in Berlin-Kreuzberg

"I like playing drums because for me it is apart from language another possibilty to express myself. In Hardi’s lessons I learn to hear my own playing. That is important to me because in this way I can develop myself better. Hearing, understanding and capability of expression belong together."