Especially for business clients, teams and groups of any kind I offer Drum Circle Teambuilding.

Community, communication, creativity

Drums and percussion instruments, hands, feet and the voice, simply everything what rattles, rustles and makes sound we use in a big circle to make music. DrumCircle – Teambuilding is a musical concept in order to advance and delevop creative cooperation, motivation and ability to work in a team.

Independently of previous musical knowledge the participants learn to use the force of rhythm in order to deepen the communication and interaction in the team, to intensify the group energy and to release creative potentials.

Together we create a special team forming experience – an incomparable musical event.

We have different forms of events and workshops available: a short „meeting event“ themed „Just do it!“,for example as completion for meetings and conferences; incentives and special tutorials,where you work intensively in teams. The participation in a Drum Circle contains not only the recognition and release of creative potentials but also it guarantees a lot of fun.

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"I like to play Cajon because you really play this instrument with your hands. Besides you can use Cajon in many music styles. This flexibility impresses me."