Teaching concept

Percussion and drums lessons for children, youth and adult people

drums & more offers appropriate lessons for all ages and every ability level.

Beginners learn how to play their new instrument in a relaxed and easy manner. Advanced improve individually their technique, groove and kind of playing. Children from 5 years who want to try out various instruments in an effortless manner; youth people who want to perform soon with their band; experienced players who want to turn their hobby perhaps into profession and adults who have always dreamed about drumming in a group or having a ball at the DrumSet, are welcome.

Just drumming

In our classes we work with proven and modern teaching methods.

In addition to the practical learning of the technical basics and musical craft we set a lot of value on the effortless development of creativity and the own musical personality.

The individual aims and possibilities of the student are in the foreground. The student can actively define his way and tempo. For all students there are also offered internal drums & more workshops and group meetings.

So … just drumming!

Examples for possible course contents:

Percussion –Drumset

We deal with: Grooves, Beats, Fills, Coordination, Timing, Reading music, Stick technique, Foot technique, stilsichere interpretation, Improvisation, Bandcoaching, Play alongs, Rock, Pop, Jazz, Hip Hop, Jazz, Classical Music and much more

Drumming- Percussion

Cajón, Djembe, Conga, Bongos and co. In groups or private classes you can learn simple and increasingly complex rhythms and techniques with different hand drums. We are drumming with a lot of imagination and in good humour various types of music (Afro, Brazil, Latin, Worldmusic)

Qualified learning with fun!

"I like to drum different music styles as well as I have fun while playing duets and snare compositions. I’m really happy that after a certain time you have got a good sense of rhythm. Furthermore the drums have got a crazily calming effect on me due to the different sounds."